co The Many Ways To Link Your Social Accounts |

It didn’t take long for some people to figure out early on in social media marketing circles to link up their social media accounts.That is, whatever you post to one automatically posts to another. It’s a great time saver, especially if you have several social media sites you are a member of and you tend to post the same information to them.

Now, I’m not saying that you should do this. There are good reasons why you shouldn’t post the same information to each of your social media streams. But if you insist, here are 23 ways to link your social media accounts:

  1. Send Google+ to Twitter
  2. Send Facebook to Twitter
  3. Send Tumblr to Twitter
  4. Send your WordPress blog posts to Twitter
  5. Send Google+ to Facebook
  6. Send Twitter to Facebook
  7. Send Tumblr to Facebook
  8. Send your WordPress blog posts to Facebook
  9. Send Twitter messages to your WordPress blog
  10. Send Facebook messages to your WordPress blog
  11. Send Google+ to your WordPress blog
  12. Send Tumblr to your WordPress blog
  13. Send Google+ to Tumblr
  14. Send your WordPress blog posts to Tumblr
  15. Send Twitter to Tumblr
  16. Send Facebook to Tumblr
  17. Connect any service to Google+ with the right API
  18. Connect any service to a voice call
  19. Connect YouTube to Twitter
  20. Connect YouTube to Facebook
  21. Connect YouTube to Tumblr
  22. Connect YouTube to your WordPress blog
  23. Use a social aggregation service

That reads like a “keep it in the family list,” but those are the most popular social media websites. You can connect of your social media sites no matter how popular as long as you have the proper API from the two services. WordPress relies on plugins and you find the right plugins, you can make anything happen.