co What's So Great About The Long Tail? |

Online marketers like to talk about the long tail, but what is it and why is it so important?

Of course, many online marketers don’t do anything about the long tail. The might talk about it. But you’ll notice, if you watch for long, that they don’t do anything about it.

Think of search engine results as a lizard. If it helps, picture a chameleon. They have a pretty head. Colorful. And everyone likes to look at it. Everyone wants a head like a chameleon. But what about that tail? It’s long. It isn’t the head. It doesn’t have the brain. But it’s important. It has power.

The long tail in search is the search phrase that not many of your competition is focusing on. Yet, it has power. Not as much as the head. But then, it isn’t as colorful or pretty as the head either.

It’s just not the most attractive part of the lizard.

The most attractive search terms are those terms that everyone is going after. But they’re difficult to dominate. There’s a lot of competition. And you have to work your butt off to get to the top rank. With the long tail, on the other hand, since there isn’t as much competition you don’t have to work as hard. You may not see the same level of results as you would with a “head,” but the results you do get yield a profit.

Go for the long tail first. Secure a few of the long tail search phrases before you go for the head. Work your way up the lizard, not down.