co Google+ And Hashtags |

Hashtags got their start on Twitter. It was a way for tweeters to keep tabs on a conversation that was taking place and to follow that conversation because their Twitter streams were moving so fast. Without hashtags, many tweeters would have been lost, only capturing some of the conversation around a particular topic.

Hashtags are real simple. You include a key phrase preceded by the # symbol. Then, when you want to follow a conversation, you search for it by hashtag.

Now you can do the same thing on Google+.

It wasn’t too long ago when Google+ users suggested that hashtags be introduced for Google+. The Google+ team was listening. Within a week they announced that hashtags would be clickable and searchable on Google+.

Hashtags on Google+, however, do serve a slightly different purpose. They aren’t necessary as they are on Twitter. But they are helpful, mostly for search purposes. Instead of searching by keyword phrase and hoping you’re getting the conversation, you can search by hashtag, which will limit your search only to results that include that hashtag.

This is another way that users on Google+ can connect. If you find people using the same hashtags you use, then you can circle them. And they can circle you.

Do you think hashtags make Google+ better?