co Using Social Media And Charity For Indirect Marketing |

If you troll the social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and various social bookmarking websites – you’ll find a lot of online marketers just posting links to their content. It’s pretty bland. But what if these marketers took a different approach? What if they took a less self-interested approach?

Like John Deere.

I like the thinking that went into this social media campaign. It isn’t focused on “buy John Deere tractors” because you really need a pumpkin patch in your back yard. Rather, the focus is on doing something that is good for the community.

John Deere’s name is recognizable. If they do something good for someone else, it will be noticeable. But you don’t have to have a household name to be effective at using social media for community service projects. You can do something nice for someone else no matter who you are. And you are likely to do something that is more noticeable, and noteworthy.

People like to share. They particularly like to share things that are humanistically share-worthy.

If you’ll find a charity that you believe in and go out of your way to promote that charity through social media expecting nothing in return, it will be noticed. If other people believe in that cause too, your efforts will be shared. You’ll be marketing your business indirectly. And that’s the best kind of marketing.