co 3 Places To Get Your Articles Published Today |

Article marketing has changed over the years. In the old days of article marketing, you could do a mass submit of your articles and see it appear all over the web. In a period of time you’d see a load of incoming links show up for your website and those inbound links helped you to rank better in the search engines.

Mass submit article marketing still works to a limited degree, but it doesn’t work anything like it used to. You’re much better off today spending your time submitting fewer articles to websites with higher authority. And the three websites I recommend all have a Google PageRank of 8 or better.

  • Squidoo – The brainchild of permission marketing guru Seth Godin. Build information portals called Lenses and use it to build links to your most cherished web properties. You can also monetize your Lenses.
  • HubPages – HubPages is somewhat like Squidoo, though not as sophisticated graphically. You can monetize your hubs and the idea is to build hubs around a particular topic. Focus each article on a small part of your niche and make hubs rich in the macro-sense.
  • Knol – Knol is owned by Google so it’s got to be good, right? In fact, it is good. The great think about Knol pages is that you can put links right in your articles. And you can make them long authoritative encyclopedias of knowledge.

Article marketing may not be what it used to be, but the benefits are still just as good as they’ve ever been – if you do it right.