co Comedian Abandons Traditional Media |

This is no joke. Funny man Louis CK has decided to abandon traditional media and deliver his own comedy routines via his website. He’s going to charge $5 per download. Is that really a good idea?

There have been similar experiments before. About ten years ago Stephen King conducted his own experiment on a book download that didn’t turn out so well. No quite that long ago Radiohead performed a more successful experiment with music downloads. And it seems that in the last couple of years artists of various stripes are being more bold to go out on their own without the safety net of corporate sponsors and agents.

I applaud their efforts. The world needs these kinds of risk takers. And I really hope Louis CK succeeds.

If he does succeed, maybe small business owners can learn from that success. What can you do on your own website that you now do through traditional media? Or social media? What do you do in other ways – ways that maybe you’ve always used – that you can re-think and take a risk on, maybe even pave a new trail? Are you ready to take the risk?

Maybe Louis CKs little bit about Twitter and social media on Conan can be a source of inspiration. Be prepared to laugh.