co The Social Media Death Match |

It’s on. Who’s going to win? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Google+? LinkedIn? YouTube?

For about five years now, we have seen social media marketing rise to the top of the Internet marketing practices and become the most important aspect of marketing and branding online. The social media sites themselves are striving to be No. 1. Currently, that position is held by Facebook.

But Twitter and Google+ are vying for second place. YouTube isn’t far behind.

This all becomes even more interesting when you consider that Google is the most used search engine and YouTube is No. 2. And most traffic is still coming from the search engines, not from social media (however, this could very well change in the future as well).

So who’s going to win the death match? Who will emerge victorious in this game of winner take all?

Actually, I don’t think it’s a “winner take all game” at all. Rather, I think that business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from a multi-tiered approach to marketing online. That is, don’t just settle for one social media site. Develop a social media presence that utilizes as many sites as are relevant for your niche and business.

For some businesses, YouTube might be the best tool. For others, it might be Facebook or Twitter. Analyze the strengths of each site and determine, based on your situation, which ones can best be used to reach your audience. Or it could mean the death of your business.