co Should M-F Business Owners Work On Saturday? |

Online marketing is a 24/7 endeavor. That’s because the Internet never sleeps. But what if you run a Monday through Friday 9-5 type of business? Should you work on off hours?

Of course, I don’t know your schedule so I can’t tell you when you should work. But if you have trouble performing essential online marketing tasks such as social media updating, SEO for your website, and other tasks associated with managing your online reputation, then you have to fit those activities in somewhere. Working during off duty hours may become a necessity if you want to maintain an online presence.

That’s easy to do, however, with certain online tools that I recommend. You can manage your social media accounts when you have time.

Services like SocialOomph and HootSuite allow you to preschedule your social bookmarking messages, which is great for saving time. You can write them at night and schedule them to post during the day, then use your lunch break to “check in.” If it means working Saturday for a couple of hours just to see your social media presence managed well, then it could be in your business’s best interest.

Managing your time is essential to running a good operation. I know you need family time, but your online reputation won’t manage itself.