co Is All Publicity Good Publicity? |

Mikal Belicove makes a good point when he says that not all publicity is good publicity.

Are you still sending out press releases to every online source you find? You might want to rethink that strategy. Reputation matters and if you get associated with low quality spam sites, that will be a hard reputation to shake. It could stay with you for the rest of your online life.

Mr. Belicove mentions four specific ways that bad PR can hurt your business:

  1. Promoting to audiences not likely to become your customers.
  2. You could drive traffic away from your website with bad PR practices.
  3. Placing your news article or press release on bad sites with unfocused content, cheap PPC ads, or other issues.
  4. You could benefit the other site more than you benefit your own.

These are all valid concerns. You don’t want to take on the practice of just publishing anywhere you can get a byline. Rather, you want to examine and analyze every website you find to determine whether or not that website is a good place for you. Don’t publish content anywhere it could hurt your business.

In an age of online content marketing, public relations is not all good. Some can hurt you long term.