co SEO Is Still Cool |

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process that webmasters use to get their pages ranked in the search engines. It’s not the only online marketing strategy available, but it’s still effective.

Even in an age of semantic language indexing, web page optimization strategies that involve keyword management are still viable and still effective.

Consider that most of your competition don’t practice sound SEO strategies in their content marketing efforts. If you do, that will give you a distinct advantage over your competition. So what makes for sound SEO practices?

Believe me, it’s not difficult. But the work is tedious. You must be able to determine which keyword phrases are most profitable for your niche and that match your marketing goals. Then, you’ve got to be able to implement a good SEO strategy that creates results in the search engine results pages. That’s getting to be more and more difficult every day.

You should probably start by ignoring the advice you see on the average SEO blog. Instead, focus on speaking in the language of your audience. Don’t count keywords. Just write naturally – BUT, ensure that you sprinkle (and I do mean sprinkle) your primary keyword throughout your content starting with your page title. Add a link or two (but no more) using your primary keyword or a variant as anchor text on that page. Build inbound links.

SEO is still an effective way to market web pages in 2011. And I’m sure it will be in 2012. Just don’t overdo it on the keyword targeting.