co Google+ Adds Ripples |

Have you ever wondered where your social media posts went after you shared them? Whether you were on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or somewhere else? Well, Google+ is making that possible.

It’s really a recycled idea from the Wonder Wheel. Remember that Google product?

Not many people used it, but some people did. It essentially allowed you to search for a keyword then see what related keywords return in their SERPs. Then you can look at related keywords to that keyword, etc. With Google+ Ripples you can see who has shared a particular post and through a graphic representation view the string of shares from one person to the next.

Here’s an example.

So what benefit do you get out of this? You can use it as another networking tool.

Let’s say, for instance, that you share a post from your blog. Three hours later you decide to see its Ripple. You discover that five of your circle friends have shared the post. Each of them have a smattering of circle friends who have also shared the post. Why not take a look at the profiles of those friends of friends and see if any of them are in your circles? You can see if you have anything else in common. Befriend them, add them to your circles, turn them into customers.

Google is always innovating. It’s the sign of a strong company.