co Why Content Is Still King |

Internet marketers have had a phrase – a mantra – that we’ve repeated over and over since the very first days of the Web. That “mantra” is “Content is King.”

To the Internet marketing newbie, that phrase may not mean much. But to those of us who have been doing this awhile, it means everything. Content is the master of all. The big question is, Why? And does is still apply just as well today as it did in 1995?

You bet it does.

Here’s a question to ask yourself. If I build a website with no content and point a hundred links to it, getting it to rank No. 1 for a specific key phrase, will that benefit me? I think the answer is obvious, don’t you? A website that ranks No. 1 for a key phrase but that can’t close a sale due to lack of content is an ineffective website.

Now ask yourself this question: If I build a website with great content that achieves mediocre rankings and has no links to it, can it still make me money?

Yes it can. All you have to do is drive traffic to that website by any means and if if the content is well written with good calls to action, it will make you money. So content is king.

Ideally, you want a website with great content and great links. You should consider links to be a part of your overall content strategy instead of seeing it as a separate activity from your on-page content. Building a web business means doing all the things necessary to help you succeed. That includes building links. But it starts with writing great content.