co Will Google+ Fake Names Steal The Show? |

Google+ is now allowing pseudonyms. So does that mean we are now about to see an onslaught of fake Google+ accounts designed to trick you into receiving spam?

I doubt it. First, the idea is to give authors and artists a way to promote themselves using working business names. That’s a good thing.

I suspect that Google will have a way to detect fake names that are used for promotion of spam. This is something that Twitter has not been very good at over the years. Twitter has, however, in the last couple of years been able to crack down on spam accounts. Still, it’s far from perfect. I don’t think Google+ will experience as big a problem as Twitter has.

Why do I think that? I think spam will be less of a problem on Google+ because Google as better at technological infrastructure. You could say it’s search engine index is full of spam, which is true. But eventually Google gets rid of the spam. It’s difficult because of the scale and magnitude of the service. My bet is that Google+ already has a jump start on the issue with a plan in place to attack the problem should it start showing signs of getting out of control.

What do you think?