co Why Google+ Is The Place To Be For Local Business |

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve written a few times about Google+, but what I haven’t done is told you why your local business should be using Google+ for social networking, marketing, and branding. There is actually more than one reason.

  1. Since Google+ is owned by the largest search engine, you can bet there will be search implications to using the service.
  2. Your Google profile gets a boost when you use Google+
  3. Google Maps and Google Places are tied to Google+ so you have a built-in local component to the service as well.
  4. You can easily share videos through Google+ with your YouTube account. This ability will actually get better over time.
  5. Using Google’s photo sharing service, Picasa, you can share your photos and have unlimited space to store them, increasing your ability to share through Google+.
  6. Google+ has an awesome video chat feature called Hangouts.
  7. With Circles, you have greater privacy and targeted marketing abilities than you have with any other social networking service.
  8. Google+ allows you set the privacy setting for each aspect of your public profile.
  9. Google+ is easy to use.
  10. With Google+’s Circle sharing feature, you can add hundreds of new people to your network with one click. You can’t do that on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Your friends and family may not be on Google+ just yet, but I think in time they will be. How many more reasons do you need to try Google+?