co Is SEO Just Natural Language? |

If you listen to some search engine optimization professionals, SEO is dead – if it was ever alive. But I don’t think so even if you consider that a lot of it is really natural language in disguise.

Let me explain.

The best thing you can do for your website content is write it in natural language mode. That is, don’t focus on keywords. Just write like you would normally write or talk. You will rank for key terms related to your niche if you do that.

However, keywords are important. They’re not so all-important that you should cram them into your content like stuffing a duffle bag for a camping trip. Yet, they are important enough that you should be aware you are using them.

In essence, I’d say good SEO is natural language with a cognizance of the importance of keyword selection.

In other words, if you are writing about children’s clothing because you make children’s clothes that are affordable and durable, then why wouldn’t you use the phrase “children’s clothing” in your content? You would because it’s natural. You don’t have to go overboard to cram your keyword into your content so you can make sure you rank for it. All you have to do is write naturally.

That said, you should also make a conscious effort to ensure you write a natural language headline using your keyword, you use alt tags that employ your keyword, and pay attention to a few other small SEO details along the way. Just don’t give up on natural language.