co Will Google Encrypted Search Kill SEO? |

The SEO community is all up in arms over a little change that Google announced regarding encrypted searches. You can read Frank Reed’s take at Marketing Pilgrim.

I think I’ll have to agree with Frank on this one.

If you’re concerned that your marketing will be less effective because you won’t be able to tell which keywords are leading to the most conversions, stop worrying. This change will affect such a small number of searchers that you’ll hardly notice.

Most searchers don’t have a Google account. Therefore, when they conduct a search at, they won’t be automatically logged into an encrypted account for their search. That means you’ll still be able to track them to the final conversion. That’s most people.

I can see where this might affect a group of SEOs more than others is in the tech industry where a high number of prospects might have Google accounts. But, again, they’ll have to conduct their searches from

If you’re a small business owner thinking this change is going to kill your business, stop thinking about it. Just watch what happens and keep conducting business as usual. Most people don’t know about SEO or care. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.