co Improve Your Reputation - Write A Book |

One of the best ways to improve your reputation and your stature among your peers is to become an author. Write a book.

But don’t just write a book for the sake of writing a book. Instead, come up with something important to say to people about your niche. If you can do that and do it well, you’ll become an instant expert in your niche and your reputation will shine far and wide.

So let’s get down to a practical level. How do you do that?

Start by asking yourself, “What do people in my niche want?” You must identify a need in the marketplace. You did that when you started your business, right? You’ll have to do it again when you write your book. What questions are people asking?

After you’ve identified the needs of readers in your niche area of business, make an outline. Keep your book tightly focused on a single topic. Your book doesn’t have to be a tome to be successful. It just needs to be good.

So the three most important things to identify before you start writing are these:

  • The questions people are asking about your niche area
  • The target market for your book (who is the ideal reader?)
  • The narrowly focused subject matter of your book which deals with the first two points

Get these three questions answered and you’re well on your way to writing your first book and improving your stellar reputation.