co StumbleUpon Reaches 20 Million Users |

Is StumbleUpon going to be the next powerhouse social media website? Some people might say it is already is. They’ve hit 20 million users.

The fascinating thing about that number is that last May – May 2010 – they had only 10 million users. They’ve doubled in size in one year! That’s phenomenal growth.

Even better than that, there have been 2. billion Stumbles as of July 2011.

This makes me wonder what we can expect from StumbleUpon going into the future? Will it be one of those social media powerhouses that cannot be left out of your social media marketing plan? Is it destined to be on everyone’s recommended site’s list?

Many other social media websites have gone on to great stuff only to fall into oblivion (remember MySpace?). Which way will StumbleUpon fall?

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, but upwardly moving trends are a good sign. I wouldn’t worry too much about StumbleUpon’s future as long as the numbers are going up. In fact, if you haven’t tried StumbleUpon, this may be the perfect time for you to give it a go. Discover new websites and help other Stumblers around the world discover yours.

One thing’s for sure, StumbleUpon has reached a status that is difficult to ignore. Congratulations!