co 5 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Experience |

So you’ve discovered Twitter has some useful business applications. That’s good. But now that you’ve discovered Twitter can be used for your business, how can you make the most of your opportunities to use it for maximum effect?

Here are 5 practical tips to help you improve your Twitter experience.

  • Make new friends every day – Twitter is a social networking tool. So you should be networking. The way you do that is to add new friends to your network each day. Spend 5-10 minutes looking for new people to follow.
  • Interact with your followers – Don’t just add people to follow and forget them. Reply to their tweets and retweet the tweets you like. Spend some time each day doing this.
  • Don’t overshare – Tweeting too much or too often, or sharing too much information about yourself, will get people to unfollow you faster than anything else. Be a good Twitter citizen and don’t overshare.
  • Stay on topic – If you tweet about anything and everything, then you will have a reputation as someone with no direction, no vision. Keep your tweets on your most important areas of interest.
  • Share something every day – Don’t go for too long being silent. Carve out 15 minutes each day to share information that isn’t self-serving.

If you are other-focused on your Twitter account, that will go a long way to developing your reputation. People will like you and interact with you. Follow these 5 tips for effecting Twittering.