co How Many E-mails Is Too Much? |

Can you send out too many e-mails? Is there ever a point at which you’ve gone too far in your e-mail marketing?

I think there is, but you can probably get away with e-mailing your subscriber list to death if you let them know right up front how often you send out your e-mails.

For a business, weekly is probably enough. Monthly might be better in some cases, but the problem with monthly e-mails is that you aren’t in the minds of your prospects often enough. That’s why I prefer weekly. However, many businesses can find profit in sending out e-mails daily. It’s a case where you have to know your audience. But what about multiple times daily?

You have to set your e-mail marketing schedule according to your audience and their expectations. If you can get away with short e-mail messages throughout the day, then by all means make it work for you. But be up front about your intentions.

You’ll get a lot more receptivity from your list if you tell them on the opt-in form that you send out multiple e-mails per day. You’ll see fewer unsubscribes and more opens. That said, for most small businesses, again, weekly is often enough.