co Would You Add Google+ To Your Blog Comments? |

How many different blog comment applications are out there? If you are a WordPress user, then you know you don’t need to add a plug-in or application to encourage comments on your blog. WordPress has its own.

However, you can add comment management services like Disqus or CommentLuv. You can also use Facebook, which is very popular among bloggers – especially bloggers who are active on Facebook. But what if Google+ had a blog comment system? Would you use it?

Let me tell you why you should consider it:

  • A blog comment system owned by Google would be SEO gold. Comments from Google’s blog comment system would be given preferential treatment in the search engines. That would help your blog and your commentators. Anything that helps your commentators in turn helps you.
  • Another reason a Google+ blog comment system would be beneficial is for reputation management. Not only would your comments be good for SEO, but any time you comment on another blog using your Google+ account, that would boost your own reputation in the search engines.

Google+ is Google’s latest social media service and it’s taking the world by storm. Have you joined yet? If not, you should seriously consider it.