co Is Proprietary Or Open Source Better For Business? |

There has been a lot of talk this week about how the late Steve Jobs changed the world. He was, indeed, a pioneer in technology. Many people continue to use his computer systems in an open source world despite their distinct proprietary nature.

To be sure, there is a huge prejudice in some circles against proprietary systems.

Some people would rather use the Barnes & Noble Nook over Amazon Kindle simply because the former uses the ePub format for its books, which is open source. Amazon’s Kindle is totally proprietary. Just like Apple’s Mac and iPhone.

Facebook is also proprietary, but it’s the most popular website online. Google’s open source Google Connect can be found on many websites, but it is far from being anywhere near as popular as Facebook.

So which is better? Is it proprietary or open source? I think it depends.

For many small businesses, proprietary works just fine. A large number of small businesses operated just fine for years with an Apple MacIntosh. Many more survived on the PC. Many publishers will likely do well publishing for the Kindle. Others will focus on ePub. The wise publishers will do both.

You have to look at the needs of your business and your customers. Don’t let anyone railroad you into using tools that aren’t right for you. Life’s too short.