co The New Face Of E-books |

Amazon recently announced its own version of the tablet PC – a competitor to Apple’s iPad. It’s called Kindle Fire.

The astonishing thing about the Kindle Fire is its price. For less than $200, anyone can hold a PC in the palm of their hand. You can watch videos, listen to music, download your favorite apps, read e-books and store all of your entertainment on Amazon’s cloud. It’s clearly the best value for the money in the tablet PC market.

Why is that important? I think it’s extremely important for small business owners because it unleashes a new opportunity in e-books.

Pre-orders for the Kindle Fire are off the charts. Its official release date is November 15 and it’s selling in the millions. Of course, that’s good for Amazon, but it’s also good for small business owners.

The ease of publishing a book in Kindle format is phenomenal. You can write an article in one hour and publish it to the Kindle in ten minutes without needing an ISBN. You don’t even have to know any code. That means you can effectively have a string of white papers that you sell through Amazon on the Kindle and if you price them right they not only can serve as an additional source of income, but they will also boost your reputation – just like quality articles always have.

E-book marketing has always been good, but it just got better – thanks to the Amazon Kindle Fire.