co Is Google+ Real Content Marketing? |

Google+ just seems to keep getting more and more popular. But should we consider it content marketing?

That’s an interesting question and it really gets to the heart of what exactly is content marketing. So let’s answer that question.

Content marketing goes beyond your own Web properties. When you build a web page for your website, that’s content marketing. When you write a blog post for your blog, that’s content marketing. But is that all there is to it? In a word, no.

Content marketing is any effort you undertake to draw attention to your content, your products, your services, or your brand. In that regard then, links can themselves be a form of content marketing. Social media is a form of content marketing.

That extends the concept into farther reaches. When you put a Like button on your blog, that’s a kind of content marketing. It allows your readers to show their approval or their affinity for your content through their own social media profile on Facebook. As a result, your content gets pushed farther that it could or would otherwise.

Google+ operates on the same concept. You write a blog post and share it on Google+. That content has the potential to go places that it wouldn’t go by virtue of your extended network on Google+.

When you think of content marketing, you have to think about it terms of its full potential. Don’t get sidetracked into thinking it’s only what you produce on your Web properties.