co Is E-mail Dying? |

Let something get popular for a few days and someone somewhere is going to ask if something else is dying. Social media was supposed to kill search. It didn’t. Now, it’s supposed to be killing e-mail. But is it?

Mark Evans says “no” and I heartily agree.

It will be a long time before e-mail marketing dies. And it likely won’t be social media that kills it.

Social media is about public interaction. There is also a lot of competition for your content. You have five seconds to grab your prospect’s attention and sell them something. The stream moves on. Now what?

With e-mail, you don’t have any competition for eyes. It’s your prospect and your content. If your content is good and does its job, you will get the sale. No competition.

E-mail is seen as a private space. Your prospect will not give out her e-mail address willy-nilly. You have to earn it. But if you can earn it and get inside that e-mail inbox, then you have your prospect’s attention. If you can keep it, you can turn that attention into dollars.

E-mail is still one of the biggest converting tools in Internet marketing. That won’t change any time soon.