co Google+ Is Now Public |

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Google+ went public. In its initial life stage you had to have an invitation from a current Google+ user, then you were put on a waiting list. Now, there is no waiting list and the invitations have gone by the wayside. Have you joined yet?

Already, social media marketers have broken off into Facebook and Google+ camps.

Google+ managed to gain 2 million new users within two weeks of going public. That’s phenomenal growth! Still, Facebook has a good foothold on social media users who are just there for the party. Yet, the Internet marketing world is salivating at what Google+ might introduce next, including the addition of business accounts.

If you are waiting to see what happens before you join Google+, I’d encourage you not to wait too long. Early adopters are praising it vociferously. That usually means a service has enough value in it for the average user.

I think we may be leaving the world Where Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the three most useful services for business owners wanting to get into the social media game. We could be entering the Facebook-Twitter-Google+ world.

What do you think? Will Google+ replace LinkedIn as the third most useful service for business owners? Could it?