co Have You Activated Facebook Subscriptions Yet? |

If you are using Facebook in any capacity as a small business owner – whether you have a personal Facebook profile or you have a Facebook page – then I’d encourage you to activate your Subscriptions. How do you do that and why should you?

First, why should you?

The reason you want to activate subscriptions is because it allows anyone to check out your updates without having to friend you. This is good for you and for them. If they friend you and you friend them back, your wall could be littered with all sorts of graffiti in which you have no interest. But if you allow subscribers to check you out first, you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with e-mail messages notifying you of their every status update.

Now, how do you activate subscriptions?

Go to your Facebook profile and click on your name to see your home page. Click on “Subscriptions” located under your profile picture. On the top right of your screen, click “Allow Subscribers.” Now edit your permissions to determine whether you’ll allow friends or friends of friends to leave comments, etc. on your wall.

Facebook is beginning to make smart improvements to its system now and these improvements allow small business owners to manage their Facebook marketing more intelligently. Take advantage of these improvements. They will benefit you.