co Facebook Is Giving Away $10 Million |

Facebook wants to woo small business owners into becoming advertisers. How are they going to do that? By giving away $10 million in free advertising. They’re planning to do this $50 at a time starting next year.

So why is Facebook giving away all that money in free advertising? Here’s a test. It’s multiple choice. Can you guess which answer is correct?

  1. Small business owners don’t think they need Facebook
  2. They want to steal you away from Google AdWords
  3. Facebook wants to encourage small business owners to advertising using Facebook Marketing Solutions
  4. They think if they give you $50 in free advertising that you’ll stick around and spend more money

If you said “all of the above,” then you’d be correct. Facebook is getting aggressive about pursuing small business owners as advertisers.

It’s true, 64% of small business owners think social networking isn’t necessary. Therefore, they aren’t on Facebook at all.

Since Google AdWords has pretty much dominated Web advertising for almost a decade, Facebook is looking to get a piece of that action, and more than any other company they are poised to take a big bite out of Google’s chunk of the market. I think Google is just a little bit concerned too.

So if Facebook can convince you to at least give Facebook Marketing Solutions a try, then maybe – just MAYBE – you’ll do well enough to keep advertising. They’ll make more money, you’ll get more business, and Facebook can topple Google from king of the Internet mountain.

At least it’s worth a shot in Facebook’s eyes. Can you blame them?