co Two Event Marketing Stats To Note |

A new e-book by Constant Contact and HubSpot says that 76% of survey respondents promote events by e-mail and 40% use social media. Those are pretty staggering numbers, though not surprising.

I’ll say, first, that I think the 40% is due to increase. More businesses will promote events through social media in the future, especially if Google+ hangouts takes hold.

Facebook is still the most popular website online. You can’t ignore that it has turned the Internet upside down. As more and more businesses head to Facebook to take advantage of its huge user base, there will be more social media promotion. And events will be among the things that businesses promote through social media.

E-mail marketing, of course, has always enjoyed high numbers. That’s because it’s relatively easy to get the permission of someone who fits your target profile and then add them to your mailing list. Once you have permission to send e-mail promotions, you can push your events, products, services, and seek feedback all you want. An e-mail list is a hot list.

Another statistic to note is 47% of respondents still promote events through snail mail. It’s not really surprising, though I expect that number to decline as social media and other online marketing channels rise. Within 5 years, there will be fewer companies promoting events through mail and more using social media.