co What Is A Blog? |

People who don’t spend much time on the Internet will often ask me, “What is a blog?” It’s a hard question to answer.

Trying to answer that question for someone who doesn’t spent more than 5 hours online each week or month is like trying to explain the nature of the universe to someone who failed science in elementary school. You can do it if you use the right words, but you have to be careful to really use the right words and to make it really simple. I’m going to try to do that right now.

Take a look at the page you are on. You are reading a blog. It’s a separate section of my website. If you were on the main page of my blog you’d see a series of headlines, each one followed by some text. The headlines would be in blue and would be followed by a date and then the blog post. If you click on a headline, you’d be taken to that specific blog post. All you’d see is the content on that page and my sidebars.

So what makes a blog special. The way it is ordered. You’ll typically see 10 blog posts on the main page. They’ll be in reverse chronological order, the last one written first.

Blogs are done this way because they are like online journals. A sort of a diary. It’s a website, or a piece of a website, that you can update periodically and that others can read. For a business a blog can be great marketing tool. You’re reading mine, aren’t you?