co 5 E-mail Marketing Tactics That Will Win Your New Customers |

Are you ready to win some new customers through e-mail? Here are 5 ways that you can use e-mail marketing to help you win new customers and to make your old customers happier.

  1. Hold A Contest – Send out an e-mail blast with a contest and give away something valuable. It can be a service or a product that your business provides or it can be something like an iPad or a Kindle that is in high demand. Make sure that you explain the contest rules clearly and what you are offering. Make it simple to enter the contest and make sure you are giving away something of value.
  2. Mail A Coupon – Through a service like Groupon you can send out a coupon for your products or services. People like to save money so give them an opportunity.
  3. Feature In Your Newsletter – Have a company newsletter? Start a featured client column. People love to see their name and photo in print.
  4. Celebrity Column – A variation of the “feature in your newsletter” theme is the Celebrity Column theme. Find a celebrity in your niche and ask them to write a column for your e-mail newsletter.
  5. Special Offers – Special offers are one time deals. Your subscribers won’t see this deal again – ever. The scarcity of something of ultimate value, a one-time deal, could spur your e-mail subscribers to action. It’s at least worth a try.

These 5 e-mail marketing tactics have won new customers for other marketers, they can work for you too.