co Should You Build Your Own Private Social Network? |

Does your company need its own private social network? Could it benefit from one? If so, then Chatter might be the place for you.

Let’s talk about why you might want a private social network.

If you are a global company or you have multiple office locations, a private social network could allow employees at your multiple locations to get to know each other better and to share their insights into your company processes and work environment. It could serve, if anything, as a huge morale boost to your company.

Another reason you might use a private social network is for training purposes. If you hire a lot of people and spend time training them, you could use a private social network to offer peer training. Let your current employees mentor the new ones.

Chatter itself offers its top 10 ways to use a private social network:

  1. Connect with experts
  2. Remote collaboration
  3. Share large files more easily
  4. Prepare sales presentations
  5. Manage team projects more efficiently
  6. Discuss confidential topics
  7. Get answers to your questions
  8. Share important information with your coworkers
  9. Solve customer issues more effectively
  10. Brainstorm marketing ideas

Many companies – even small businesses – could benefit from their own private social network. It is a question worth asking. Do you need one?