co How To Fail In Social Media |

All Facebook has a blog post titled “5 Ways To Fail At Facebook.” It’s a great article except that the five ways shared can apply to any social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, you name it.

Here they are in a recap:

  1. Fail to understand your audience
  2. Fail to use your imagination
  3. Fail to track your marketing efforts
  4. Fail to build relationships
  5. Fail to hire social media experts

You might think that you can do social media yourself, but that could be a fatal mistake. Many a company has risen from the social media pile with egg on their face because of some silly mishap that could have been prevented. There are a number of reasons why you might want to hire a professional social media team to handle your campaigns.

First on the list is the time-intensive nature of social media marketing. You have other things to do – like run your business. You don’t really have time for social media, and you know it.

Another reason to hire a professional firm for your social media campaigns is because they are the experts. A social media firm does it every day. They understand the nuances between the different networks, their capabilities, and their limitations. They can steer you toward strategies that work for each social network and keep you away from strategies that have been tried – and failed.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to navigate social media on your own. You wouldn’t assume you can captain a ship at high seas, would you?