co Is Exact Match Anchor Text Important? |

SEOmoz used its Whiteboard Friday column this week to talk about the demise of exact match anchor text. I’m just curious if anyone else has thought about this.

The idea is that partial match anchor text will be the way search marketers build links in the future. In other words, if I want to rank for “SEO” as a key term, then I don’t have to make every link that points back to my website link for the specific term “SEO.” I can use other phrases like “SEO technique,” “this is great SEO,” and “small business SEO tactics.” In other words, the anchor text links rely in part upon the keyword I want to rank for rather than entirely upon that keyword.

I thought the best search engine marketers were already doing that. But maybe not.

Google has emphasized anchor text as a key ranking factor for years. SEOs have, for the most part, preached exact match anchor text. Now, SEOmoz, which has been one of those exact match proponents, is saying to do something else. The best practices are about to shift.

I can see the point. I think a part of the reason this shift is occurring is because the advent of social media. Google+ itself is changing the game for social media and for SEO. The question for search marketers, really, is this: To what degree will anchor text be important for SEO going into the future. Any ideas?