co Building Links With Twitter |

Rand Fishkin, in his Whiteboard Friday post last Friday, shared eight ways you can build links with Twitter. Only, none of these methods actually provide you with a link from Twitter. They are really ways that you can use Twitter to acquire links from other sources, which isn’t the same as saying that you are link building through Twitter.

Nevertheless, these are all powerful ways to use Twitter to build some inbound links to your website. We’ve written about that before on this blog. For now, let’s review Rand’s suggestions.

  1. Serendipitous connection
  2. The top X list
  3. Let me find that for you
  4. Storyteller
  5. The link suggestion
  6. Content that answers a query
  7. The must have testimonial
  8. The biz dev deal

You’ll have to read Rand’s post to get the full treatment on each of these methods. Some of them are old hat. That is, they’ve been done countless times before in other venues. For example, the “let me find that for you” suggestion has been a mainstay in forums for years. Someone asks a question, you Google it, then post your answer in the forum. Maybe you even get a chance to link back to your website.

Well, in this case, you post the information on your blog as an answer, then you @mention the Twitter user who asked the question and link back to your blog post. You have the answer.

The question is, how do these things build you links? Well, you can get links directly from Twitter, but will they be do-follow or no-follow? There’s no guarantee they will be do-follow. But many Twitter users will write their own blog posts and link back to yours. Plus, they’ll tweet and retweet your answer.

Can you build links with Twitter? Yes. You can. And you should.