co How To Get More Tweets (And Retweets) |

If you’re struggling with how to encourage more tweets and retweets for your blog and website content, then I highly recommend reading these two articles, both of which were written by social media icons and veterans of the field:

In the first article, Cynthia Boris shares one simple thing you can do to encourage more tweets: Add a social sharing button.

It really doesn’t matter which social sharing button you use as long as it includes a way for Twitter users to tweet your blog post and it’s visible on every blog post page on your blog.

In the second article, Rand Fishkin goes into more detail. Simply putting a social sharing button on your website won’t ensure that you get more tweets, but if you follow Rand’s advice AND put that social sharing button on your blog, then you will most certainly see an increase in tweets.

One of the most important indicators of highly tweetable content is Rand’s #4 suggestion: Write Exceptionally Well.

Truly, there is no substitute for great writing. If your blog includes the best writing available in your niche, then it most surely will be tweeted. But it will get more tweets if a social sharing button is visible on each blog post.

Rand’s #11 suggestion is a repeat of research conducted by Dan Zarella. Essentially, it says the most opportune time to seek tweets and retweets is between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. That makes sense. This is during the height of business activity in the U.S. If you publish your blog posts and tweet them yourself during these times, you are more likely to see your content retweeted.

Getting tweets and retweets is really a simple endeavor, but it does take some careful thinking about your overall marketing strategy.