co Social Media: What's The Point? |

There’s been so much written about social media that you might think my question – What’s the point? – a little absurd. Actually, there is a point to my asking. It isn’t whether or not social media has a point. We all know that it does. The question, rather, is, What exactly is the point to social media?

Let’s rephrase it: What benefit is the most important benefit to social media? Is it reputation management? Is it audience engagement? Is it SEO? Traffic? All of the above?

It’s important question because without the proper answer you might develop a social media campaign with no direction. You could get lost trying to be found.

Social media actually has many points. That is, it has many points of entry and just as many exits. The real question is, How effective are you in using them?

Your use of social media should make the most of all your opportunities. It is for reputation management. It is for audience engagement. It does have SEO benefits if you do it correctly. And it can, and will, drive traffic to your website. But you have to have a strategy that covers each of those points.

Strategy. It’s the beginning of success. Are you ready to talk about your social media strategy?