co Your Most Important Blogging Move |

So you’ve decided that your small business needs a blog. Now you’re ready to move and get it going. You’ve designed it, you’ve SEOd it, and now you’re ready to write it. Did you know the most important thing about your blog is yet to come?

What exactly is the most important part of your blog? Do you know?

The most important aspect to your small business blog are your blog post titles.

Yes, titles. Here’s why:

  • Blog post titles are the first thing visitors will read on your blog. If your blog post title doesn’t capture their attention, they won’t read the blog post.
  • Search engines place high emphasis on blog post titles in SEO. If you do it right, your blog posts could rank well based on the title alone.

These two things make your blog post titles the most important element of your blog. Its one goal is to get people to read your blog post. It must be interesting, informative, say what the blog post is about, optimized well for search traffic, and not be too long.

If your blog post titles achieve all of the above, they will attract readers and your blog will be doing the job you want it to do.