co 5 Facebook Ad Tips You Won't Forget |

American Express OPEN Forum has an excellent article on Facebook ads (of course, I’m biased since they quoted me in the article). If you haven’t used Facebook ads yet, you’ll want to read the article. Here’s a summary of the 5 pointers.

  1. Set goals and plan your approach – What do you want to achieve with your advertising? If you don’t know, then you likely won’t achieve anything.
  2. Use creative target marketing tactics – More so than traditional PPC ads, Facebook ads allow you to drill down your demographic targeting. You can get real small in your efforts too and narrow it down pretty well. You can even send out pre-emptive birthday messages, and that kind of marketing rocks.
  3. Use powerful text and images – Don’t just use your logo. Pick an image that draws attention to your ad and make your text powerful enough that it gets the click-through.
  4. Test multiple ads – One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is only running one ad. Create four ads that are similar and test which one works best.
  5. Keep your page updated – Have your Facebook page ready to close the sale. Keep it updated so that you can be ready to respond to click-throughs.

These are great tips. If you’re wondering which one I contributed, you’ll have to read the article. 😉