co Why You Shouldn't Delete Negative Comments |

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where things just don’t go right, you get hit from every direction, and you’ve finally had enough. Then … there it goes. You let that comment fly and it’s too late. What do you do?

Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or your local forum, don’t delete the negative comments.

Think about it from your customer’s, or potential customer’s, point of view. They see your profile and dig in a little deep only to find that you’ve deleted comments. What are they going to think about your integrity at that point? And you can’t escape the fact that the comments have already been seen by some of your friends, fans, and followers. So word is going to get around.

So if you don’t delete the comments, what should you do?

That’s a good question and here’s my suggestion. Follow up, when you’ve had a chance to calm down and get your bearings straight, with a more rational comment that apologizes for your outburst and a promise to see that it doesn’t happen again. Don’t explain yourself. Just offer a brief apology and carry on.

People can handle you being human. What they can’t handle is you lacking the integrity to face up to being human.