co How Long Should A Blog Post Be? |

Seth Godin, a veteran Internet marketer and one of the first business bloggers, is well known for his short bursts of blog content. They’re only about 200-300 words each, if that. But many other bloggers these days tend to write longer blog posts. Some bloggers won’t write one less than 1,000 words.

So that brings up the question, Does size matter? Are longer blog posts better than shorter ones?

In general, more content is better than less. In most cases. In fact, Google has recently penalized content pages for not having enough content on them. But what constitutes “not enough content?”

More important than lots of content is the idea of quality content. You can get by with shorter blog posts if your content is high quality and original. Seth Godin, after all, isn’t hurting in the search engines and his blog posts are some of the most read blog posts in the world. But he does have a reputation, one that he built both online and off line.

You are I, of course, are not Seth Godin.

For most of us, we cannot rely on reputation. We have to use all the tools at our disposal, and that means SEO. Long blog posts might be better than shorter, over all, but high quality original content trumps all. If you can write high quality original long blog posts, then your content will be golden.