co Blogs, E-mail, Or Social Media? |

When it comes to small business online marketing tactics, what is more effective – blogs, social media, or e-mail?

It’s a loaded question. What do you mean by “more effective?”

E-mail marketing has been a mainstay of Internet marketing since the very beginning days of the World Wide Web. And before that even. And it hasn’t let up any. In fact, it’s still just as effective today as it ever was. And there doesn’t seem to be any end in site. When you consider that 90% of your prospects have an e-mail address, why would you ignore e-mail marketing?

Blogs are also very effective – as SEO tools, as branding tools, and as social media marketing tools. They are perhaps the most versatile online marketing tools available, which is what makes them so powerful.

If you are a small business owner doing any online marketing, then you should have a blog.

Social media marketing is something that can’t be done in a vacuum. It’s not really a marketing tactic all its own. Rather, it’s better used to promote your content and Web properties rather than act as a stand-alone marketing tactic that you use for itself. Still, when combined with e-mail marketing and blog marketing, social media marketing can be very powerful.

Instead of asking which is most effective, try incorporating all three marketing tactics into your arsenal of small business weapons.