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Have you heard of It’s a new social curation tool that allows anyone to start their own online newspaper, except that the “news” one prints isn’t original content. Despite that weakness, however, it’s becoming very popular.

What does is take links sent out through Twitter and curates them into one news source according to the publisher’s preferences. It works something like this.

  • At 8:00 a.m. today you send out a tweet that includes a teaser line containing a specific keyword phrase and a link to a blog post at Small Business Mavericks
  • At 9:00 a.m. today a specific news source picks up on that tweet and republishes it along with other tweets that meets that publisher’s triggers
  • then tweets the publication of the curated news source
  • Upon tweeting, @mentions anyone whose tweet is included in that news curation

What’s so fascinating about this is that when a reader reads the curated tweets, they see a couple of lines of the original article linked to in that tweet, then there’s a jump link to the article on its original page. So is, in effect, becoming a new source of traffic and links for webmasters. And you don’t even have to be a publisher to take advantage of that benefit.

Here’s what you do. Go to and search for online publications with specific keywords. For instance, “online marketing.” Now scroll down until you see a news publication with a fairly large number of daily views. There’s one titled “The Online Marketing Daily” by Jon Reed. In the upper right hand side of the page you can see how many times that publication has been tweeted and Liked. It’s been tweeted more than 300 times.

Now, subscribe to that paper. You might even sign up for a account and favorite it. You should also follow the publisher on Twitter. Do anything you can to get on that person’s radar. Your hope is that they’ll follow you back. Keep tweeting interesting stories and once a day tweet one using the primary keyword of that publication in your tweet. And here’s a hint: They don’t even have to be on your blog! still gives you credit for stories that are published on someone else’s web property. Your Twitter profile appears beside those stories when they are published.

By building relationships on Twitter with publishers, you stand a chance of increasing your own Twitter following and your online reputation.