co Why Free Offers Work So Well |

Free offers have become such commonplace online that it’s hard to imagine them working any more. But it would be a mistake to say that they don’t. They do – if they are implemented correctly.

But the overarching question for small business mavericks is, Why do free offers work so well?

Free offers work so well for one reason. They encourage your customers and prospects to do business with you by presenting a no-obligation offer that they can’t refuse. Notice that I said “no-obligation” and “can’t refuse.” Those are crucial aspects to any successful free offer.

Understand that “successful” free offers aren’t really free. Your prospects are giving you something. Usually, you’ll give away something for free in order to receive something of equal or great value – contact information. The prospect is willing to give you the contact information in exchange for the freebie because the perception is that freebie is valued at equal or greater value than their contact information. Therefore, it’s really an equal exchange.

Remember, value is all in the perception. If your prospect doesn’t perceive your offer to be of value, even though you do, then giving it away for free won’t matter. You’ll have a free offer on the table that no one responds to.

The way to get prospects to act on your free offer is to build value into it. Put so much value into it that they can’t possibly refuse. When you load a free offer with more value than can be expected, you all but ensure that you’ll get what you want – the unlimited ability to market to that person for as long as they will let you.