co Is It Good Business To Be Paranoid? |

Ann Smarty is somewhat of an Internet marketing pioneer. She’s been online longer than most and shares a lot of insight into the subject of Internet marketing at her blog SEO Smarty. She recently featured a guest post that suggests online marketers might want to change their profile pics soon due to the advent of facial recognition technology. Your world just got less private, the story goes.

Should you be concerned? Yes and no.

I certainly agree that privacy is a legitimate concern. If you’re really concerned about it, however, maybe you should just leave the Internet alone. I mean, nothing you do online is going to be completely private. Ever.

On the other hand, if you intend to do any business online, then you have to accept the drawbacks and one of those is a little bit of loss of privacy. That doesn’t mean you should toss all caution out the window. You should protect your identity and put a wall around your privacy even if that wall isn’t completely impenetrable.

A key factor for business owners is the necessity of building trust. How much trust can you build with an impersonal avatar or social media image? Maybe a little. But a profile pic can go a long way to building trust with your audience if you can put up with a little bit of loss of privacy.

The question for small business Internet marketers going forward isn’t, Should you protect your privacy? Rather, it is, How much privacy should you let go of in order to maintain a presence that helps you reach the right customers?