co 5 Reasons To Start E-Mail Marketing Today |

E-mail marketing, after twenty years and counting, is still one of the most powerful and effective means of marketing a small business online. Here are 5 reasons you should be using e-mail for marketing in 2011 and 2012.

  1. Everyone is using e-mail – Just about everyone has an e-mail address today. Even people who may not be using e-mail have considered it. But if you started sending out frequent e-mail blasts, you’d hit at least 90% of your target market right where they spend the majority of their reading time.
  2. It is cost effective – There is no form of marketing that is more cost effective than e-mail marketing. You can send out an e-mail blast to 100,000 readers for the same price that you can send one out to 1,000 readers.
  3. High click-through rates – E-mail still has the highest response rate in town. It’s less expensive than pay-per-click advertising and you are reaching warm leads who gave you permission to contact them.
  4. You have their permission – And that brings me to my next point. Since you have permission to contact your list, you will get fewer complaints and you’ll find that your reputation is more intact. Use a double opt-in process and your marketing will be ten times more effective.
  5. You control delivery – With snail mail, you are at the mercy of the post office. With e-mail, you have more control over delivery options. And it’s cheaper.

Start your e-mail marketing today. It’s the most effective online marketing available.