co Should You Answer Survey Questions On Facebook? |

Business people like to criticize social media websites like Facebook and Twitter for being time killers. You get sucked into some game like Farmville or Cityville and the next thing you know you’ve spent an entire afternoon killing time. Who’s fault is that?

It cerainly isn’t the game maker’s fault nor is it the fault of the game. You have to discipline yourself to control your time. Isn’t that what business is all about?

That said, it’s OK to let yourself have a little fun. Just carve out some time during the day when it is “down time” and spend no more time than you’ve allowed yourself to have some fun. But you can also consider that down time to be a part of your business time. After all, even business people – busy ones too – allow for social activities.

And social activities can also carry business benefits.

So what about those silly questionnaire notices you get from your friends on Facebook. You know the ones. They ask if so-and-so thinks you’ve ever danced like Michael Jackson or would look good in a mini-skirt. Silly stuff.

One way to think about this is those questionnaires allow you to connect with potential customers in new ways. Usually, the questions are asked by people who already know you, but they may not be customers. By “opening up” and playing the game with them, you could be allowing them to get a sneak peak at your personality and who knows where that might lead?