co Traditional Marketing Isn't Dead Yet |

Regular readers of the Small Business Mavericks Internet Marketing Blog know that I am a big and vocal proponent of online marketing. Blogs, articles, e-zines, social media … I love it all.

But you’ll never hear me tell you that you should abandon every form of traditional marketing. That just isn’t the case.

Business cards. Yep, you need them. When you go to that off line networking event, you need something physical to hand out to people so that they’ll remember who you are.

TV, radio, brochures. Yes, they’re useful. They all have their place.

Even outdoor advertising has its place in your marketing arsenal. But what about that old mainstay known as the Yellow Pages? Is it necessary?

Today, 80%-90% of consumers begin their search for new products and services online. Most people will look for a phone number and address online. If they don’t find the particular business they are looking for, then they’ll call up the one they can find. That pretty much kills the Yellow Pages, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for Internet marketing. Get you a basic website, make sure your physical address and phone number are on it, claim your business in Google Places and Bing and Yahoo! Local, then do some modest Internet marketing. But do it in conjunction with traditional marketing tactics that still work.