co Klout Now Measures 10 Social Media Websites For Influence |

Klout just keeps getting better. I recently noticed that the service has added several other social media services to its metrics, which increases its value a hundred-fold (though I’d still say it’s overly weighted toward Twitter).

Among the services that Klout now tracks are:

  • Tumblr – A blogging platform somewhat like a cross between Twitter and Blogger.
  • Flickr – The photo sharing platform.
  • Blogger – Which needs no introduction.
  • – A site for uploading and sharing your favorite music.
  • Instagram – A photo sharing site for the iPhone.
  • Foursquare – The local networking website.
  • YouTube – The video sharing monolith owned by Google.

In all, Klout is now measuring your influence across ten different social networks. It’s been measuring the activity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for some time now. It will soon add Google+, Facebook pages, Yelp, Posterous,, and Quora as networks that it tracks for its users. I’d say that Klout has realized that social media influence goes well beyond Facebook and Twitter, which means it is serious about being the premier metric platform for social media.

Other services I’d like to see added to Klout’s metric and tracking for social media are StumbleUpon, Groupon, Ning, Picasa, and BlogCatalog. I suspect that Klout will add these sites someday soon.

What about you? Which social media websites would you like to see measured by Klout?