co Social Media: The New Word Of Mouth |

A new study shows that small business owners recognize the value of word of mouth advertising, but they don’t see a need for social media. Perhaps SMBs are not aware that social media is the new word of mouth.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where the Yellow Pages are used less and less often. People now conduct their searches for local businesses online. Looking for real estate? They start online. Want to buy a car? They start online. Interested in buying a product – any product? People start online, read reviews, ask their friends via social media, and maybe – just maybe (OK, probably) – they’ll make the purchase offline. But more and more they are starting their search online.

Maybe your business is doing fine without advertising. Maybe you have a steady string of customers based on your lifelong reputation. That’s good. But what if you’ve been in business for less than five years? Less than ten?

If your business is less than ten or fifteen years old, then I’d say you need to develop a social media presence. Word of mouth advertising is essential, but in the future that word of mouth will travel via social media. It will travel near and far. If you’re not doing something online, through social media and through search, then you will be relegated to history.

Learn how you can make social media be your most effective word of mouth tool.